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Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Halloween? Ideas and tips on how to make celebrations fun for your kids. Our articles are tips-packed for seasonal activities, art and craft, home made seasonal decorations, parties and games, as well as the boring, but most important bits, on how to keep it all safe for the little ones.

There's also advice on going abroad with your baby, how to make the most of a beach holiday while ensuring your baby or toddler is safe and sound, how to deal with long haul flights without the continuous soundtrack of your tired and bored toddlers.

It'll all be here to inspire and prepare you.

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Turn Easter into Fun for Babies and Toddlers

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easter eggs

Why not do something special with your children this Easter? It doesn’t always have to be about Bunny Rabbit presents and huge chocolate eggs. Use the Easter celebrations to have fun with your little ones and develop their creativity with themed activities, crafts and games.

Here are some ideas.

Easter crafts and decorations

It’s easy and so much fun to decorate eggs. You can let your children's creativity go wild with a simple egg decorating competition: Boil one egg for each child. Provide wax crayons, non toxic paint and brushes, stickers, feathers, paper and let the fun begin. Colour a background colour for each egg, or a pattern, or draw a face, make a hat out of paper and stick it on the egg’s “head”, draw a pirate’s face with eye patch and moustache or a crack across the middle of the egg and the head of a chicken sticking out of it. Fun is endless. Whoever cracks the egg must eat it!

Easter house decorations

To decorate your kids’ room in a Easter theme, use decorated empty egg shells to make strings hanging from the ceiling or around the walls, make a mobile or light shade out of little egg shell figurines painted in vivid colours, arrange bird nests on shelves and bunny rabbits sticking their heads out drawers.

How to make a string of decorated egg shells. To make a string of empty egg shells you will need raw eggs and a strong thread. Pin one end of an egg with a needle and make a larger whole at the bottom with the needle. Gently blow through the top whole until the yolk and white have drained out of the shell. Wash the shell carefully not to crack it. Decorate it and attach it on the thread. Repeat until happy with the number of shells on your string.

How to make a mobile or light shade out of egg shells. Repeat the emptying procedure as above for three or four eggs. Decorate one egg as a child’s face, using vivid colours. Stick the back of the “face” to a toilet roll core. Attach arms and legs or even a hat to the figurine. Make a circle out of a soft stick or soft plastic. If preferred, cut an empty circle out of a cardboard with a one inch border. Attach four strings to one side of it, which will tie the circle to the bulb holder’s cable. Thread a string through the top of the toilet roll core in two places and hang it on the circle. Repeat for each figurine. You can turn an egg shell into a plane, a chicken, a car, a football almost anything you want. Your colourful homemade mobile will be the centre piece of the room for months to come.

How to make an Easter Paper Bunny. Crinkle half of an A4 white paper in the shape of a bunny rabbit’s head, carefully shaping the mouth. Crinkle a full A4 paper in the shape of bunny’s body and stick them together. Stick two long ears, two L-shaped back legs  and two smaller straight front legs. Draw its eyes or stick two half black half white oval papers, cartoon-style, for a more 3D effect. Draw the mouth and moustache hairs. Alternatively pierce the paper and insert very thinly cut black cardboard runs as moustache hairs. Colour two inches of paper in pink, crease it to form the bunny’s nose and stick it on the top of his mouth. Don’t forget the tail! Use a pink pompom or another creased pink paper.

Easter games for children

Why not go out in the garden and enjoy a good games session, especially if the warm spring weather has settled in? If the British weather rains, these games are suitable for indoors, too.

Easter Egg Hunt. You can never go wrong with this classic kids game. Hide hard boiled eggs still in shell around the house (or in the garden vegetation). If preferred, swap for small chocolate eggs. Provide each child with a small basket where the eggs are collected and let the hunt begin! Whoever finds most eggs wins. Each child must eat their out “preys”. To double the fun, choose eggs containing surprise toys.

Easter Egg Race.The Easter egg race is a hilarious game that every child will love to play. Provide each child with an egg and a large table spoon. Children must run the same distance at the same time while holding the spoon and trying not to drop the egg. Whoever gets to Finish first with the egg still intact on the spoon wins a little treat. Prepare more than one round of eggs so you can repeat the game until each child wins at least once.

Easter cookies for babies and toddlers

Complement your Easter fun activities with some scrummy Easter cookies that even your children can bake. You can turn nearly anything into an Easter themed menu, by adding Easter style decorations, shapes and colours to your food.To make Easter cookies for your kids and involve them in the preparation process, you will need 225g butter, 125 g caster sugar, 275g plain flour, 50g dried semolina, 50g icing sugar, bunny and egg cutting shapes . Preheat oven to 160 degrees Celsius, or 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Mix the butter and caster sugar well until turned into a paste. Mix the flour and semolina into a separate bowl. Gradually add the flour and semolina mixture, blending continuously with a wooden spoon. Knead until smooth. Lightly flour a flat surface and roll out the dough very thinly. Cut the dough sheet using the bunny and egg shapes. Depending on the size of your shapes, you should get about 30-36 cookies. Arrange them on baking sheets and bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack. Mix icing sugar with a tablespoon of water and use to decorate baked and cooled cookies. If preferred, add different food colours to your icing. Enjoy!Share your Easter ideas and experiences with other parents on our forum.


1st Birthday Party

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baby birthdayFinally, 1 year old! Your baby has turned into this funny, playful, energetic and truly demanding little personality who surely deserves a real party.

We, the parents, do it all for ourselves, although we always pretend we actually do it for them. Do we heck! We throw a party because the star in our lives will be everybody's big star for the day and we make it because we love to spoil them rotten and, frankly, any excuse will do. Who doesn't agree should consider this: your baby won't know much about what's going on and most certainly won't have any memories about it, anyway. But who cares? He's having that cake and he's having that outfit, too! Here are a few top tips on how to organise a bespoke first birthday party for your 1 year old.


Tame Your Halloween Monsters

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halloweenHonestly, what's scarier than a little girl in a very scary witch outfit?

OK, maybe apart from Anne Robinson on a good day, nothing is scarier than a little girl in a fancy Halloween outfit!

If you plan to give your kids a great Halloween day, we're here to help with some extra ideas to boost your creativity and tame those cheeky little monsters.